Nov 5 : On using SOLO verbs to write good course intended Learning Outcomes (LOs)

On using SOLO verbs to write good course intended Learning Outcomes (LOs)

ONLY bold the SOLO verbs, not things like “watch”, “complete”, or containers such as “reflective journal” or “wiki”.  How about “based on the prior unit TLAs, write reflective statements about what you have learned and upload them in a journal”?  (and make this the last TLA in the unit)

Also, you’ve got LOs with listcombine, and classify, but your AT is “complete the translation exercises on the wiki”.   Perhaps you could break down the way you are using “complete” into what the students should list, combine, and classify in order to do the exercises on the wiki?

Try going thru and bolding all the SOLO verbs in each TLA, LO, or AT.

If you don’t have SOLO verbs, then find a way to state it using them.

For example, in your LO in Unit 1: “Learn the ability to create a discussion forum as a group and be activate in discussion with groupmates.

How could you say that same LO using SOLO verbs?

Same for AT: “Watch videos and post the understanding in forum.”   You must break this AT down into behaviors that can be assessed, using SOLO verbs.

You can try this litmus test on an AT: if you asked a student to do this on a quiz, would they know what to do?

Ex: “Please take out a piece of paper and write down your understanding of the video.”  Would your students know what to do?   What do you really want them to do IN ORDER to demonstrate their understanding of the video?

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