Seminars / Workshops


In 2013 I was the keynote speaker for a conference held by the National Institute of Education in Singapore – e-Fiesta 2013: Keynote 2

I did two presentations at that conference about my open-source Moodle plugin design / development, and participated in the open-mike forum called the “Unconference”
– e-Fiesta 2013: Building on a Foundation of Participation

– e-Fiesta 2013: Evaluating Participation Online.

– e-Fiesta 2013: Unconference.

I also did a presentation last year at the University of Macau about my research using the virtual environment for education: CTLE Seminar – Learning with Second Life

I have done a large number of seminars and workshops for the CITE (Centre for Information Technology in Education) at the University of Hong Kong.

Most have been centered around the effective use of the Moodle Learning Management System, both as seminars where I demonstrate techniques, and as workshops such as the Moodle Users Group.

First meeting of the HKU MUG

First meeting of the HKU MUG

Other seminars for CITE and the IMHSE (Faculty of Medicine) have introduced new technologies such as the use of the virtual environment for learning (Second Life), or the Adobe Connect web conference.

Jan 2014 – Staff and Professional Development Seminar: Virtually there: A journey to the HKU Medicine Island for teaching and learning. (slideshow here)